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Re: mime formats and versions in format specifications

1992-04-02 08:07:29
I disagree with your assertions, your assumptions, and your conclusions.

Version management is important. It is especially important in PostScript. But
duplication of an existing and comprehensive version management facility
is not a good idea, especially when the proposed system is, to put it
charitably, feeble.

This is not an issue I believe is being left unresolved to get the standard
out out the door. From my perspective the current mechanisms are more than
adequate, the proposed additions wrong, and I will fight to keep these
proposals from being placed in the document. You have yet to convince me of
the incorrectness of this position.

If it makes you or anyone else feel better to think this is being done in the
interests of closure, I don't have any problems with it, I guess. But when
you bring this up in six months my position will probably be the same.


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