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Re: Working Group Last Call: Mnemonic to Proposed Standard

1992-04-02 08:16:52
Excerpts from internet.ietf-822: 1-Apr-92 Re: Working Group Last Call..
Erik M. van der Poel(_at_)sra (1821)

At first glance, this does not seem to be problematic. But what,
exactly, does it mean for this 822ext WG to "recommend" this draft as
an "informational document"?

This is a really good question.  My understanding was that informational
documents did not need WG approval.  If they do, I would like to request
that the "Configuration" document that I've circulated several drafts of
(about the mailcap file format) be recommended in the same way.  My plan
all along has been to publish this as an informational RFC at the same
time that MIME comes out as an RFC, but I didn't think any WG action was
necessary in order to do this.  If it is, I would like to propose that
the WG take such action.  -- Nathaniel