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Re: Working Group Last Call: Mnemonic to Proposed Standard

1992-03-31 23:26:07

The international community has been haggling about common character
sets for quite awhile.  I hear various degrees of hopefulness that
ISO 10646 will be "the" answer.  Given that, I am having difficulty
understanding whether MNemonic is solving a different problem or whether
it is directly competitive.  If it is competitive, then it is essential
that we, the Internet, be clear about our reasons for going down a
different path.

This is the reason that I would have liked MIME to only reference
ASCII and ISO 8859-1 as the basic requirements, with the intention to
use ISO 10646 when it becomes IS. Instead of allowing a lot of
character sets that are not compatible with ISO 10646 and only gives
me a lot of extra work to implement handling of them also.
ISO 10646 is all we need and we should not put a lot of work using
character sets that can be discarded when ISO 10646 becomes IS.