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Re: Working Group Last Call: Mnemonic to Proposed Standard

1992-04-03 11:12:36
Jonny Axelsson slipped into Norwegian in the middle of his
recent message, cc-ed to the ietf-822 list.  Here is (a Swede's)
instant translation to English:

Well, I can think of several reasons why ASCII and -1 isn't such a
neat idea. One of them is only a few kilometers south of you - Poland.

Ingen tidligere \st-Europeiske land jeg kan komme p} unntatt
Romania kan bruke ASCII p} samme m}te som Skandinavia (ved } bytte ut
seks tegn i ASCII, og priviligert posisjon i -1).

* None of the East-European countries I can think of, except
* Romania, can use ASCII in same way it is used in Scandinavia
* (by replacing six characters in 7-bit ASCII, and having a
* privileged position in [part] 1 [of ISO 8859]).

Den eneste grunnen til at Norden har f}tt med sine obskure tegn, og
ikke si Tsjekkoslovakia, er at f|rstnevnte er medlem av COCOM og
sistnevnte var medlem av COMECON. Og antallet brukere som trenger
lang Y i dag er st|rre enn antallet som trenger Thorn, og snart
st|rre enn de som trenger ].

* The sole reason for the inclusion of the obscure characters
* from the Nordic countries, and the exclusion of
* Czechoslovakian characters, are that the former are members of
* COCOM and the latter country of COMECON.  And the number of
* users that need long Y [Y with acute accent] today is larger
* than the number that need [Icelandic] Thorn, and soon also
* larger than those needing [Scandinavian] A with ring.

Vennlig hilsen,


* Yours sincerely,
* Jonny

Olle Jarnefors, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm