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Announcing a MIME mailserver

1992-04-03 09:39:48
I'm happy to announce an experimental MIME mailserver.  To use the
service, just send mail to "andrew(_at_)thumper(_dot_)bellcore(_dot_)com" with 
a subject
line of

autosend: keyword

If your keyword is unrecognized (e.g. "help" or "list") it will send you
back a list of the available information and the keywords to use.   
Currently, what's available is documents relating to the MIME standard
and a few pictures & audio clips.  What comes back to you will be
MIME-compliant multimedia messages, usually in the form of several
message/partial messages to avoid "mail too big" problems.

Please let me know if you have any comments, problems, or suggestions
regarding this service, which might be turned off without notice if it
turns out to place too heavy a load on our facilities.    -- Nathaniel

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