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mnemonic and charsets

1992-04-08 19:44:20

The 822ext WG has been asked to consider 2 (two) documents written by

        (1) draft-ietf-822ext-mnemonics-03.txt  ( 10263 bytes)
        (2) draft-ietf-822ext-charsets-04.txt   (237830 bytes)

I find these names rather long, so I have been referring to them as
the "Mnemonic" document and the "charsets" document.

The Chair (Greg Vaudreuil) asked the WG to consider these documents
for the following "status":

        (1) draft-ietf-822ext-mnemonics-03.txt  "proposed standard"
        (2) draft-ietf-822ext-charsets-04.txt   "informational document"

Now, as far as the "charsets" document is concerned, I have been
questioning whether it is appropriate that this WG "recommend" it as
an "informational document". I am concerned about the accuracy. And I
am concerned about the particular unification that Keld has done, and
whether it will be acceptable to other people.

Dave, who is the "Director" for the "Area" "Standards Management", has
said that "it would seem quite reasonable for the wg to support the
document's publication as Informational".

OK, if that's what Dave says, then so be it. I won't question it.

However, I will assume that Dave was referring to the "charsets"
document. So let us now turn our attention to the "Mnemonic" document,
which is being considered for recommendation as a proposed standard.
Perhaps "informational" documents may not be considered "such a big
deal", but, as far as I know, "proposed standards" are taken very
seriously by the IETF WGs.

One issue that I raised before, and which I believe is being
overlooked, is the fact that the "Mnemonics" document refers to the
"charsets" document. As we all know, several references were deleted
from MIME because a standards-track document may not refer to a
document of lower standing.

So I am wondering whether it should be considered legal to refer to
the "charsets" document in the "Mnemonic" document.

Having said all that, I am now totally "burned out" on the issues
surrounding Keld's documents. And I hereby promise not to send any
mail on this subject to the ietf-822 list for at least 6 months.


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