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MIME and Postcript - a user perspective

1992-05-04 15:51:09
I quite frequently send postscript in messages.  Up until now, I have just
said "here is a load of postscript" and appended it to the end of the

I installed Marshall's MH-MIME and enthusiasitcally started to send
postcript-MIME.  I could send postscript to myself, and it was displyed on
arrival - rather than having to recognise it as postscript.  I then produced
a postscript document, and sent it to some of my friends.  They complained
that it had lots of funny "=" signs.  Marshall explained to me that
postscript is sent using a quoted-printable encoding.

My naive view was that it would be "backwards compatible" with "normal"
procedures.  Postscript is a text format, which can easily be included in
messages. By using a backwards compatible format, it would be easy to
migrate to use of MIME/Postscript.  As it is, I can only use it when I am
abolutely sure that the recipient is MIME-capable.   

This is late in the day, and this has probably been visted before, but it
seems to me that there is a design error here.


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