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MIME -> Proposed Standard !!!!

1992-05-15 06:12:08
The following message went out to the IETF and other groups today.  I
want to express my deep personal satisfaction and gratitude to the many
good people who have contributed to the MIME effort.  MIME went from the
creation of the working group to a solid, standardized document in about
a year and a half, and I think the credit for this speedy (for standards
work) progress belongs to the large number of smart, thoughtful,
dedicated, and reasonable people who have participated in the IETF 822
working group.  I also want to thank my management at Bellcore for their
support of my participation in this work, and the many people at
Bellcore and elsewhere who have cheerfully suffered as guinea pigs for
my own MIME implementation (metamail), which has been evolving,
painfully at times, to track MIME for over a year now.
From: braden(_at_)ISI(_dot_)EDU (Bob Braden)
Newsgroups: internet.ietf
Subject: Protocol Action:  Multipurpose Mail Extensions to Proposed Standard
Date: Thu, 14 May 92 17:48:44 PDT
To: iesg-secretary(_at_)nri(_dot_)reston(_dot_)va(_dot_)us
Cc: iab(_at_)ISI(_dot_)EDU, iab-stds(_at_)ISI(_dot_)EDU, 
iesg(_at_)ISI(_dot_)EDU, ietf(_at_)ISI(_dot_)EDU

The IAB has approved the IESG recommendation that the Internet Drafts
  "MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)"
         <draft-ietf-822ext-messagebodies-06> and 
  "Representation of Non-ASCII Text in Internet Message Headers"
be published jointly as a Proposed Standard. These documents are the
product of the Internet Message Extensions Working Group of the IETF.

Bob Braden for the IAB

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