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Re: Second Draft of "Implications of MIME for MTAs"

1992-05-15 06:01:25
Excerpts from mail: 14-May-92 Re: Second Draft of "Implic.. Einar
Stefferud(_at_)nma(_dot_)com (548)

What I want in the RFC is a statement the wards off the specter
that I fear.  Label it as an area of considerable controversy and
speculation and ongoing work, but don't publish it with the words that
are there now.  They lend credence to the idea that the MTA should be
free, at the MTA level to tranform things for its own reasons, such as
expectations that bandwidth should be conserved on subsequent hops.

This is certainly reasonable, and I'll give it a try for the next pass. 
That, in fact, was why I was trying to pin down the notion of "gateway"
-- so that I could say "don't do X unless you are a gateway, which means
Y and implies that you also have to do Z."  I don't feel like "gateway"
is well enough defined to make such a statement right now.  -- Nathaniel