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Re: Second Draft of "Implications of MIME for MTAs"

1992-05-15 14:26:07
Your specific problems of identifying those that are vs those that are
not gateways is one of the reasons I want to define it in terms of what
it does to things outside its range of authority...\Stef


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Date: Fri, 15 May 1992 10:05:28 -0700
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        "Re: Second Draft of "Implications of MIME for MTAs"" (May 15,  8:21am)
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Subject: Re: Second Draft of "Implications of MIME for MTAs"

On May 15,  8:21am, Dave Crocker wrote:
} Subject: Re: Second Draft of "Implications of MIME for MTAs"
} A "mail gateway" performs store-and-forward electronic mail transfers
} between two environments that are using *different* electronic mail
} format syntax or semantics.  Hence, transfering email to any of the
} existing, national email services, or transfering to any X.400 service,
} or even transfering into a non-MIME RFC822 environment is performed
} by a gateway, rather than a simple relay.

This is a reasonably good definition except that there isn't any way to
identify a "non-MIME RFC822 environment".  If I've compiled metamail and
stowed it away in ~/bin, my environment is MIME-capable even though the
"official" status of my site may be otherwise.  The MTA at the final
destination of the message may have some chance of determining "non-MIME", 
but other gateways can do no better than "non-RFC822".

Unless your definition of "non-MIME" is considerably narrower than my
interpretation, e.g. you mean to imply "non-8-bit-clean" or the like ...

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