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MIME Clarifications wanted

1992-07-15 02:20:00
With reference to, headed June 1992:



FORMATTING NOTE: .... in a smaller, italicized, font, and indents it as well

I perceived no such treatment in the document. (picky and petty, but still needs


p22.  (last para)  

Each positive formatting command affects all.... Thus a proper way to describe
text > in bold italics is:


[... but not]


The following is properly nested, but is it proper useage? if not, why?



Also, to a Mac or Next (et al) implementation the following might make sense:




Apologies if any of these have been covered in the digests, I just spent 15
hours slogging thru the MR digest, and saw no mention of them.  WB nice if the
digests adhered to the MIME digest format (ie, had a parseable seperator),
Mailstrom is moveing towards MIME, and we may be able to support digest
creation/viewing in the not too distant future.


Dana S Emery <de19(_at_)umail(_dot_)umd(_dot_)edu>

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