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Re: extensions of text/enriched

1993-04-19 07:35:05
You write

<comment>This is enriched text, composed with FOOBAR version 1.2.  If
you'd like to see MIME messages as you've never seen them before, send
your credit card number to..... </comment>

Your example should be rendered

<x-foobar-commercial><param> *********************************************
Tired of reading those boring comments? Want to view Real MIME (TM)?
Get with the program and send your credit card number to ....
***************************************************************** </param>

to be really persuasive :-)

Luc Rooijakkers                                 Internet: 
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science     UUCP: uunet!!lwj
University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands         tel. +3180652271

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