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Re: extensions of text/enriched

1993-04-20 08:26:05
Yes!, but how to deal with parameter lists? tagged parameters would
either have to be duples or something like <param-foo>, positional
parameter passing is the only other possiblility.

You could use 

        <cmd><param>X1</param><param>X2</param> ... </cmd>
if the arguments X1 and X2 could be any text, but you could also use
something like

        <cmd><param>X1,X2</param> ... </cmd>

As for tagging, how about simply

        <cmd><param>count=N</param><param>size=X</param> ... </cmd>

or its analogue

        <cmd><param>count=N,size=X</param> ... </cmd>

This is all specific to the command <cmd>; the important thing is that
parameters be enclosed in <param> such that users won't see them if
<cmd> is not recognized.

Only drawback I can see is with minimal implementations, the
Times-Roman-12pt would be left in for the user to see, which would be
noisy, but would also allow the user to manually compensate for the
limited implementation.

It depends on what you mean with `minimal'. If a minimal implementation
strips comments, it could just as well strip <param>s.

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