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Re: extensions of text/enriched

1993-04-20 12:47:21
For whatever it is worth, my general impression is that, as soon as we
start pushing text/enhanced into a discussion of what fonts are available
on what specific printers that we are far past something that is supposed
to facilitate display of mail with more elegant formatting than the 
conventional plain-ascii stuff and well into "invent your own format-level
markup language".  

The example with <postscript-font> was intented to show the use of
<param> for a command with a longish parameter; it was not in any way
intended that such a command actually be defined. For that matter,
the <color> command was just an example as well.

Is it worth taking a step back and reviewing what we are trying to 
accomplish here and why?

Please read my originnal message and don't jump on details before you have
grasped their context.

Luc Rooijakkers                                 Internet: 
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science     UUCP: uunet!!lwj
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