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Re: Comment on the draft MIME Part 1 document

1993-04-28 12:24:51
On RFC 1137: Note that I think Steve thinks it was a mistake.
It is not even referenced in the current gateway spec, RFC 1327, except
for this requirement:

   -    RFC 1137 shall not be followed when mapping to SMTP or to
        JNT Mail

The reason is that we have completely failed to make anything like a
tight fence between the "restricted encoding" and the "nonrestricted
encoding" parts of the RFC 822 worlds, let alone make that fence follow
RFC 1137 rules.
So, if 1137 was to be useful, *every* system in the world would have
to understand both its own "real" address and its own "1137-ed" address,
because every now and then, the 1137-ed address would leak back out of

My thoughts.

                   Harald Tveit Alvestrand