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Re: New type suggested: Multipart/Related

1993-05-20 07:50:41
I'm sorry, I haven't been on this mailing list, but this happened to come
my way.  If I'm way out of context, I'm sure someone will let me know...

- A way to tell the recipient MIME reader which is the "main" body part
 (and therefore, by extension, that all the others are "attachments").

I suggest that the "main" body part should simply be the first one.  This
makes life far easier for users without MIME UA's and make my life a lot
easier in my MIME-mostly-aware MUA.  I see no particular benefit to being
able to explicitly designate some subsequent part as the main part.

Content-Disposition is fine by me, assuming what I've heard about it to far
is what it ends up being.

Steve Dorner, Qualcomm Inc.
Yes, I am testing a version of Eudora with MIME.  No, I don't know when it
will be ready.

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