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EMail Conference Announcement

1993-06-15 12:30:10
EMail World Conference Announcement!

EMail World, The Mail Enabled Applications Conference and Exposition
is scheduled for November 2-4, 1993 at the Santa Clara Convention
Center.  Experts from every segment of the industry will be there to
share their experience and knowledge about the full range of
possibilities in the EMail industry.

Einar Stefferud serves as Technical Program Chair.

Conference tracks include:

- -Global EMail,                                Gary Rowe, Chair
- -Enterprise EMail,            Gordon Preston, Chair
- -Mail Enabled Applications,   Nathaniel Borenstein, Chair
- -EMail Directories,           Dan Blum, Chair
- -Wireless EMail.              Jim Opfer, Chair

There will be over 100 companies demonstrating the EMail solutions
that address the concerns facing most companies today.  In addition,
there will be special addresses and panel discussions on timely and
controversial subjects like:

- -EMail API Wars
- -Workflow Showcase
- -Future of EMail

And more...

For more information via U.S. Mail, send your US Mail address.  
For the quickest response you can choose from one of three methods:

1. PHONE (508) 470-3880 and mention priority code 10G1QM.

2. FAX your request, mentioning priority code 10G1QM at (508) 470-0526.

3. EMAIL your request to dcigavin(_at_)delphi(_dot_)com with priority code 
   10G1QM in the subject line.

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