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New MIME spec coming

1993-06-18 03:48:04
Within a few days, you will see an announcement of a new Internet Draft
for the MIME spec.  This may surprise you since the last draft is under
review by the IESG for promotion to Draft Standard status.  The new
draft is almost identical to the old, but contains two changes that are
agreeable to the IESG as bug fixes. The changes alter the following
places where the spec was mildly inconsistent with itself:

1.  The formal grammar for "qp-iffy" (which is, of course, only a
*recommendation* anyway) was not entirely consistent with the  list of
mail-safe characters in appendix B.  The new draft gets rid of all
references to qp-iffy in favor of a reference to "all characters not
listed as mail-safe in Appendix B"

2.  The parameter "subject" is added to the formal grammar for
external-param.  "Subject", you may recall, was added in this version of
the spec (was not present in RFC 1341) and apparently never made it into
the parameter list in the formal grammar.

I believe that these changes can't possibly hurt anyone's
implementation.   Thanks to Carlyn Lowery for spotting these
inconsistencies.  -- Nathaniel

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