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MIME Content subtype reviews agendas

1993-10-29 11:25:07


Following is the agenda information for the two MIME "Content BOFs"
listed on the IETF agenda for 0930 on Tuesday and 1600 on Wednesday. 
These are not BOFs in the usual sense, but ad hoc review efforts that
the Applications Area directors are convening in an attempt to see if
we can get convergence on several overlapping or controversial
proposals before we have interoperability problems resulting from
differently profiled MIME applications.

This is not a BOF, nor are these content subtypes work items of any WG,
although one possible outcome would be a conclusion that WGs should be
formed to address one or more of these topics.


Several proposals have emerged for MIME subtypes and applications that
may have broad implications for the IETF community.  The Applications
Area Directors have concluded that a specific review and discussion on
three of these would be useful to try to resolve conflicts among
proposals and expose any issues that have not arisen in mailing list
discussion.  Proponents of approaches types that seem to be in conflict
are expected to be able to identify differences among approaches and
relative strengths and weaknesses of their own.  Proponents of
alternatives not yet on the table are encouraged to get documents
posted immediately to the archive at IS.Internic.NET.  The intent of
these reviews is to determine whether proposals of these types belong
on the standards track and, if possible, to begin to identify a
consensus about the right approach for those proposals.

As is usual with WG meetings, anyone intending to participate in the
discussions is expected to have reviewed the relevant documents prior to
coming to these sessions.

While single meeting slots have been scheduled, these should be
considered as separate reviews, to occur at the times specified.

Note that the documents listed were current at the time these notes
were written.  They should be linked (soon) from the
/pub/current-ietf-docs/app/mimecont directory at IS.InterNIC.NET.
Later versions may appear in that directory.

Session I.  Tuesday, November 2, 0930.  This session will be multicast.

1.  Full SGML over MIME and SGML introduction (0930 - 1015)

    Current document: draft-levinson-mime-sgml-00.txt
        (I'm trying to get a good tutorial on SGML posted, but am 
        awaiting reproduction permission.  Check for
        in the InterNIC directory.)

2.  MIME multipart structuring: Header-sets and references (1020 - 1105)

    Current documents: 
        draft-crocker-headerset-00.txt, .ps

3.  Structured information and personal contact info (1110 - 1200)

     Current documents:
         draft-crocker-stif-00.txt, .ps
         draft-crocker-pci-00.txt, .ps
         draft-adie-shave-00.txt, .ps
         draft-adie-spci-00.txt, .ps

Session II, Wednesday, November 3, 1600

1. Delivery reports and notifications (1600 - 1640)

   Note: this topic raises SMTP [transport] service extension issues

   Current documents:

2. Specification of presentation direction for text/plain
    and languages whose natural order is not left-to-right. (1640 - 1720)

   Current documents:

Slot A, item III. Macintosh file transmission with MIME  (1720 - 1800)

  Current documents:


The other two current hot issues--proposals for binary transport and
streaming in SMTP are not on the agenda for this IETF.

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