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MIME content type reviews

1993-10-30 14:00:49

I've just posted a new version of the agenda to the InterNIC repository.
It is in /incoming/current-ietf-docs/app.mimecont.agenda-02.txt
right now, and will be in /pub/current-ietf-docs/app/minecont/agenda-02.txt
as soon as it gets moved over.

There are two significant changes so far relative to the version
posted to the list:

(1) The identification information for the Levinson draft was wrong.
   it is draft-levinson-sgml-00.txt

(2) The promised SGML tutorial is now online, with the permission of the
   author.  It is in /incoming/current-ietf-docs/app.iia.tei-sgml.txt
   and .ps now, and will be in
   /pub/current-ietf-docs/app/iia/tei-sgml-tutorial.txt and .ps when 
   moved.  There may be a link from the mimecont directory.

We are negotiating for permission to move toward publication of the
latter as an informational RFC, but, for the moment....  The permanent
repository for this document is (among other places),
/tei/p2/drafts/ and p2sg.doc.

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