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Re: Language tags: new version

1994-08-10 14:36:02
On Wed, 10 Aug 1994, Masataka Ohta wrote:

As I pointed out in the past, use several different "charset" names
for the brain-dead unified character set, such as "ISO-10646-C",
"ISO-10646-J" or "ISO-10646-K", then.

It can't do everything of course as was pointed out in the original text,
but it helps in the most common situations.

Having different charset names do everything.

Except perhaps tell me that I can use a ISO-10646-J font if I don't have a
ISO-10646-K font and it will look "almost right but maybe a bit annoying to
a native speaker".  Enough so that a Korean will be able to make more
sense out of it than "ISO-10646-K font does not exist.  Cannot display
body part". 

This situation can be solved by tables in the program or special cases 
that recognise such character sets, but there is a problem with keeping 
up with the latest list of near-equivalences.
I will concede defeat and won't hold up the progression of the draft to 
standard status, but I don't have to like it.



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