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Re: quoted-phrase in content-disposition header

1995-01-26 09:33:52
Keith writes:
My question is still: should we use encoded-words in values?

I think the answer is "sometimes".  In Content-Disposition filename I'd say
yes.  For the name parameter of message/external-body, I'd say yes.

I think the idea of quoted-phrase is fine, I just didn't like the formal
grammar used in the previous Content-Disposition draft.  Can we do
something simple like:

quoted-phrase = quoted-string /
        <"> encoded-word *(linear-white-space encoded-word) <">
        ; "Q" encoding can't contain <">, "\" or CR

Then permit quoted-phrase in select value parameters?  Perhaps restrict
to 1 character set per quoted-phrase?

One other trick that could be added, is to permit linear-white-space
between the <"> and encoded-words, but require that it be ignored.
The advantage to this is that current 1522 clients using rule (1) from
section 6.1 for unknown header fields would decode the encoded-words
for display.  The disadvantage (which probably rules it out) is that
current Content-Disposition implementations would end up with
filenames that would confuse users.

                - Chris