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Re: Content-Disposition changes

1995-02-02 17:06:20
Will it really work to have quoted-strings that wrap from one line to

We use this all the time in the messages we send. Thus far we've encountered
only one MIME gateway that cannot deal with it.

But does The Right Thing happen so far as the value of the parameter is
concerned?  I mean, you're only going to see problems if the gateway

a) treats it as a syntax error or

b) corrupts it beyond repair, and then passes it to something that actually
cares what its value is.

There could be a lot of b) going around without you knowing about it.

I don't see how. Remember that I'm one of the people who also does technical
support for this stuff, so I usually hear about such problems very quickly.

The value is carefully define so that addition or removal of spaces or
tabs won't cause problems in any case.


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