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Re: MIME boundary question recap

1995-02-13 10:41:57
I believe Dave's got it right.  It's not necessary to restrict the
boundary string (by this I mean the value of the boundary parameter)
from occurring within the body part.  The only needed restriction is
that the boundary delimiter (including the trailing <CRLF>) not

However, since prohibiting substrings of the delimiter allows some
optimization, and since it's a pretty easy fix, making this explicit
seems like a good idea.


On Feb 10,  6:08pm, Dave Crocker wrote:
Subject: Re: MIME boundary question recap
Nice summary.

        For reference, I believe that everyone, including Steve D., is
wrong in their statements about 1521.  Really.

        People are mixing the terms boundary and delimiter as if they are
identical, yet the bnf uses them very, very differently.

        Now the prohibition text that is associated with the relevant bnf
also is a bit confusing, but if anyone cares to be strictly strict,
substrings of the stuff between the dashes IS allowed.

        None of this, of course, should dissuade folks from making the
suggested changes to the spec.


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