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Re: Internet draft draft-onions-822-mailproblems-00.txt

1995-02-26 12:34:25
you are very close to what I think of doing for UNINETT too:
Defining a service (?) that is able to convert all 8-bit mails
into MIME using EMIL, and saying that a site may become compliant
with the UNINETT recommendations by defining this site as its "smarthost".

It would also be possible to define a service converting Q-P to
8bit, but I am more doubtful about offering this.

I think we are in agreement that 8-bit untagged is an evil, but we
need to define how to deal with it.
If I say to someone "uninstall Microsoft Mail", they will not listen
to me.

If I say to the same people "pay me USD 5000 a year, and do this", they
MAY listen. That is what I wanted to see in Julian's document, which,
unlike the SMTP-AS document, seems to be a guide to how to survive in
practice, and not a preaching of the official IETF dogma.

             Harald A