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Re: Content-Disposition

1995-12-01 21:14:34
I notice that RFC-1806, which describes Content-Disposition, is at
Experimental Protocol status.  Is there any movement afoot to upgrade it to
standards-track?  I'd like to incorporate the capability into IMAP, but since
IMAP is standards-track I don't know if I can do so.

RFC 1867 (Experimental, but to be folded into standards-track HTML) also uses
Content-Disposition, and there's a MIMESGML draft that proposes using it in
multipart/related. So the need is there. RFC 1806 seems to ask almost as many
questions as it answers, though, e.g., about character set and length of file

RFC 1867 suggests that field names in forms could be encoded using RFC 1522; I
would imagine the same could be done for file names that were non-ascii. In
addition, it would be just as well to change the nature of the 'filename'
advice from a set of constraints on the recipient user agent, and just describe
the semantics, e.g., that the sender might reference some parts of a multipart
using file names that occur in other parts, or even in subsequent messages; if
the recipient system doesn't have a file system or allow file names of the form
that are sent, the recieving user agent might still remember the original
suggested names in an auxiliary data structure.
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