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Re: Content-Disposition

1995-12-03 09:35:01
Is it possible to specify a structure in IMAP that would cover it and any
likely changes made to it?  I'm really confused right now on how to do it,
given how vague its status appears to be.

Hmm. Well, I don't anticipate any changes to the basic content of
content-disposition at this time -- I expect it to remain as a keyword followed
by a parameter list. Nor do I expect the general syntax of the line to
change -- its largely compatible with content-type and there are good
reasons for leaving it that way.

I do, however, anticipate the specification of additional parameters
and disposition keywords. I also expect there to be a specification of
something along the lines of encoded-word for parameter values, both for
content-type and content-disposition.

Given this set of expectations, I don't see any problem with defining a
structure for the various components, as long as you don't assume its a
closed set.

This could also be specified in a separate doc as an experimental IMAP4
extension, eliminating the problem with standard-track references.

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