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implementation of RFC 2047 encoded-words in reply

1998-05-27 11:19:27
It's recently come to my attention that a number of user
agents are broken, such that if you send them a message 
that contains one or more RFC 2047 encoded-words, and
the recipient generates a reply, the reply contains the
*decoded* form of the encoded-word....
thus using non-ascii characters in the message header.

This certainly violates several standards, is subject
to ambiguous interpretation, and appears to cause a 
variety of operational problems.

A related problem is with UAs that accept non-ascii characters
in address books (for the name of the recipient), and don't 
encode them in RFC 2047 when sending a message.

I'm wondering how widespread this problem is, and what, if anything,
can be done to encourage implementors to implement RFC 2047 more


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