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Re: text/*

1998-11-06 19:39:57
AshleyB(_at_)halcyon(_dot_)com (Ashley Yakeley)  wrote on 02.11.98 in 

At 1998-11-02 08:54, Laurence Lundblade wrote:

To me the top level types are very rough groupings based on some common
default treatment we want applied to them. For example multipart/xxx
defaults to multipart/mixed, a rule that's widely implemented correctly.
Text/xxx was supposed to default to text/plain, but since the registration
of text/html (very unreadable to humans) most MUAs have stopped display
text/xxxx by default.

I disagree with you about the readability of text/html: I'd far rather
see a message in raw HTML than not see it all. I think that's the idea
behind text/*.

Well yes, and I'd far rather not see a message at all, than see a message  
in raw HTML.

And yes, I do mean every word of this. With extremely few exceptions (in  
fact, I can't think of any exception right now), I will refuse to even try  
to read raw HTML messages.

MfG Kai

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