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Re: Halloween/Message receipts

1998-11-23 03:09:20
In article <01D6C7224936D211BA450000F805D5388988A9(_at_)TOTO>, Larry Osterman
(Exchange) <larryo(_at_)EXCHANGE(_dot_)MICROSOFT(_dot_)com> writes
Outlook operates in two different modes - Corporate or Internet.  I can't
speak for the Internet support, I don't work on that team, but I CAN talk
about the corporate mode.

In the corporate mode, Outlook uses Exchange server to provide it's internet
native content, which is done internally in the message store, so Exchange
is responsible for creating read receipts, etc.  Currently there is no
support in Exchange for MDNs, so it can't be faulted for not producing valid
MDNs.  Please don't think this is a case of perverting the standard either.
The exchange support for read receipts predates MDN's by several years - we
cannot follow standards that do not exist.

Outlook does pervert the MDN standard, RFC 2298, because it responds to
the Disposition-Notification-To: header with a proprietary format return

If it does not support MDNs then is should ignore DNT, which (as far as
I am aware) was only defined by the MDN standard.

Or does the DNT header predate MDN? 

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