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RE: Halloween/Message receipts

1998-11-23 10:43:01
It's documented in MSDN.  This link opens up the top level of it for me:
It's kind of messy, you have to do "Show in frames", then go up one level.

Additionally, a friend of mine (from school, before I came to work for
Microsoft :-) wrote a portable TNEF parser.  He also has some documentation
that he got from Microsoft about it contained within the package.  Here's a

David Lemson
Microsoft Exchange Product Group

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On Fri, 20 Nov 1998 10:59:32 PST, you said:
It is certainly the case that TNEF isn't standard (although it IS
documented), but again, there was no standard (or proposed standard) for

Oh? Where is it documented?  I have an MUA that could be extended to
support these (if only to present it better than "this is an
save or discard?"...).  Could said documentation be overhauled into
an Informational RFC?

                                Valdis Kletnieks
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