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Re: Restrictions on the Content-Type "message"

1999-01-08 21:28:03
On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Kai Henningsen wrote:
Uh, pay attention, please. The above is application/news-transmission, not  
application/news-message, for which, if you recall, I said that the case  
is far murkier.

I see no problems with application/news-transmission, assuming it is a
news equivalent to application/batch-SMTP (RFC 2442).  It's something
end-users will never see.

I suspect application/news-message is a complete non-starter.  The last
thing MIME needs is a new composite type.  I suppose multipart/news is
possible, but ugly.  I doubt there will be sufficient motivation for MUA
authors to add good support for such an optional and ugly type.

The solution I prefer is:

* Create rules for UTF-8 headers and downgrading thereof.
* Create UTF8HEADER SMTP extension.  Provides RFC 2047 downgrading for
  both top level headers and nested message/rfc822 headers.
* Extend message/rfc822 to permit 8-bit headers in appropriate transports
  and to use:  Content-Type: message/rfc822; variant=news
* Permit use of 8-bit "message/rfc822; variant=news" with any SMTP server
  that advertises UTF8HEADER.

* a news->mail gateway can use message/rfc822; variant=news, and has to
  have full downgrading support.
* a mail->news gateway has to provide full upgrading to 8-bit support.
* Support for a top-level message/rfc822 is already part of MIME, although
  UI quality varies.  This should be sufficient incentive for MUA vendors
  to improve support for an already mandatory facility.
* old gateways which don't do proper downgrading/upgrading will get yelled
  at and fixed.

                - Chris