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Re: The transition to UTF-8 header fields

1999-02-09 17:15:11
I mentioned two strategies for UTF-8 header field display in message

   (1) Display every 8-bit header field as UTF-8.

   (2) Display 8-bit header fields as UTF-8 _if_ the message contains
       the following special header field: ...

I said that many implementors would be much happier doing #2 than #1,
because #1 creates new problems for current users and #2 doesn't.

``Wrong,'' Keith said.

So I've checked with some implementors. The ones who've responded so far
are happier doing #2 than #1. Evidently I was right and Keith was wrong.

Perhaps what Keith _meant_ to say was that he thinks another strategy
(such as the one we used in FTP) would be even better than #2. But that
doesn't make #1 better than #2.