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Re: The transition to UTF-8 header fields

1999-02-10 23:25:40
Keith Moore writes:
Your argument is irrelevant because it assumes that is some value
in the type 2 approach.  There is not.
  [ ... ]
It is pointless to choose a strategy that creates an extra header 
which adds no value.

Do you want another disaster like 8BITMIME? If not, you should be more
careful in your cost-benefit analyses.

Reader strategy 1 interferes with many existing messages. Reader
strategy 2 does not. Many implementors prefer strategy 2 over strategy 1
for exactly this reason.

You're advocating another strategy. Your strategy entails certain risks
that aren't present in strategy 2. It's _possible_ that the resulting
damage is so small that it is outweighed by the tiny costs of an extra
header field; but the necessary studies have not yet been performed.

Kletnieks gave an example of a situation that's difficult to handle with
strategy 2. But the same situation is just as difficult to handle with
strategy 1, and with your strategy.