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Re: The transition to UTF-8 header fields

1999-02-11 22:18:14
At 17.28 -0800 1999-02-11, Ned Freed wrote:
Recently we've run into a number of cases where agents will simply refuse
messages with 8bit in the headers.

Nowadays I have only seen the problem when talking about gateways from SMTP to some other "messaging plattform" which uses a different character set than US-ASCII. The problems arises when the final message on the "other side" of the gateway consists of information from both the headers and the body of a message. Normally, the From: and the Subject: headers are used for information for the receiver -- and those do often include characters which doesn't exist in the character set used on the other side of the gateway.

The plattforms I am talking about in perticular are gateways to SMPP which runs on X.25, and is used when sending SMS messages in the GSM system.

The combination of limited character set and new technology (which means non-email-aware developers) makes those products which pop up from whatever rock you lift pretty bad.

By talking to the developers that they have to support the 8BITMIME ESMTP extension, it is easy to force them to have a look at character set issues in general.