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Re: The transition to UTF-8 header fields

1999-02-12 05:10:41
In <19990212002228(_dot_)20975(_dot_)qmail(_at_)cr(_dot_)yp(_dot_)to> "D. J. 
Bernstein" <djb(_at_)cr(_dot_)yp(_dot_)to> writes:

Charles Lindsey writes:
Just what you you propose that a type-2 reader should do when it sees this
special header that it would not do if this header was absent?

Here are the two reader strategies that I've mentioned:

  (1) Display every 8-bit header field as UTF-8.

  (2) Display all the 8-bit header fields in a message as UTF-8 _if_
      the message contains the following special header field: ...

Yes, but readers and display are not the problem. So long as the reader
displays _something_ distinct for every possible combination of octets
received, nothing is going to break. If it looks ugly, then user pressure
will force it to look prettier over time.

The question is whether MTAs (sendmail and friends) can do anything useful
when they see this header that they could not have done without it.

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