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Re: Why the 822bis grammar is so painful

1999-02-10 20:25:09
At 11:50 PM 2/10/99 +0000, D. J. Bernstein wrote:
If Pete Resnick had the approval of the working group, why did he never
say so? He spent lots of time defending _his_ removal of the tokenizer.


I believe that an original author of the removed construct, the chair of the current working group, and both area directors are of the view that there is strong working group consensus on this point. Yes, I now you keep claiming otherwise, but doesn't that seem a tad... well, counterproductive?

Once again, I join the others who urge you to move past ad hominem issues, like your above text.

Note, instead, that you are the only person submitting any messages in support of your current position.

Whatever you might argue about the past, where is CURRENT support for the objection you are raising?

Absent other such submissions, I suggest this thread be allowed to die it's natural death.



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