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Re: Sieve

2002-06-04 13:07:23

Keith Moore wrote:

Return-Path: bounce-address  (set on delivery from MAIL FROM)

why should the secretary get *what*?

Sorry, I missed the header.

Of course using the null reverse-path is an option for anybody, so I'm not
sure what this argument proves, other than it would be nice for messaging
systems to implement a feature that none of them currently offer.

if in sending such a message person A fails to recognize that
MAIL FROM should be set up as appropriate to receive any automatic
responses that might result from that message, person A has
failed to use the mail protocol correctly.

It would be a lovely feature for other reasons as well. EG, perhaps my ISP
enforces draconian AUTH<->reverse-path matching, and being able to use a
different reverse-path than the From: header would be a viable and fully
legitimate (still traceable) solution to that problem.

Eric A. Hall                              
Internet Core Protocols

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