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Format=Flowed/RFC 2646 Bis (-03)

2003-11-16 15:56:07

I've created a -03 based on comments received in the past few days.

Changes from -02:

* Added mention of quoting to Abstract and Introduction.
* Deleted line analysis table.
* Added MUST NOT for OpenPGP and SHOULD for OpenPGP-MIME.
* Replaced ABNF rules to remove ambiguity
* Added note that c-t-e is irrelevant to flowed text processing
* Added text indicating that end of data terminates a paragraph
* Moved sig-sep out of fixed-line ABNF
* Changed some SHOULDs to MUSTs (space-stuffing, quoted paragraphs)
* Added note to ABNF that space and ">" are encoded according to charset
* Mentioned exceptions in section on interpreting
* Moved section on interpreting before section on generating.
* Reworded non-normative "should"s.

One thing I'm not totally sure about is the encoding of space and ">". I added a note to the ABNF section that says that these characters are encoded according to the charset, but as I recall, during the discussions on how f=f can work with non-Western languages/charsets, especially Chinese, Japanese and Korean, it was mentioned that ASCII space is sometimes used in some of these languages. So perhaps the statement needs to include the possibility that space might be encoded in ASCII as well?

The updated text is available at <>
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