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Re: Suggestion : New Content-Disposition parameters...

2004-07-07 02:13:14

At 20:21 06/07/04 +0530, Tanu Mutreja wrote:
I feel that few more parameters should / could also be added to the list of content-disposition parameters. To be more precise, following parameters related to the origin of a file should also be added i.e.

1. Source of the file creation
2. Author of the file
3. A parameter to represent if the material is copyrighted or not?
4. Version of the file

Notwithstanding the problematic issues noted elsewhere, I think it's also important to consider that Content-disposition is *not* a catch-all bucket for arbitrary message-content metadata (as Keith has also noted).

I think that alternative mechanisms that might be considered include:
- new header fields
- packaging the message with something like multipart/related and additional content containing a widely used metadata format (e.g. RDF) - linking the metadata to the content with something like a signature structure (e.g. along the lines of - incorporation into a Content-features header (RFC2912); though this might be regarded as stretching this beyond its original intended purpose of conveying *media* features.

At this stage, you seem to be suggesting a solution without being clear how the information would be used -- is intended to be displayed to a message recipient, or consumed by a receiving application, or something else? A clear statement of this requirement would, I think, make it easier to suggest appropriate ways of conveying the information. Also: how important is extensibility


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