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Email archiving (was: New Content-Disposition...)

2004-07-19 02:07:36

At 14:25 18/07/04 -0400, Keith Moore wrote:
The above and Keith's comments w.r.t. copyright notwithstanding, what about
some indication by the author to indicate a preference against long-term
archiving of the media content?

seems reasonable at least from a theoretical perspective. from a practical perspective, I wonder if it's at all realistic to request that email not be archived, or that some part of a message not be archived.

By way of a datum, and a little thinking "aloud"...

The W3C email system creates public archives of many of its mailing lists. Before accepting a message for a mailing list, the system attempts to ensure that the sender has given permission for such publication - when email is received from a source for which such permission is not "on record", a response is sent asking for such permission.

This suggests to me a possibility of turning around the idea to indicate *permission* to for long-term archival storage. That said, I'm not sure if it would be used much in practice (unless, maybe, configured in an MUA address book such that the poermission is added to messages sent to known public mailing lists?)


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