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Has IANA gone mad?

2004-07-17 12:28:54

Sent to ietf-822 and ietf-msgtrk mailing lists, cc to iana(_at_)iana(_dot_)og, 
default to ietf-822

Yesterday, "message/tracking-status" appeared in the IANA registry for MIME
message media types (
It lists "RFC-ietf-msgtrk-trkstat-05.txt" as the reference document -- of
course there is no such document.  The closest existing document is a draft
dated March 2003, more than a year old ("Internet drafts are valid for six

Why on Earth did this suddenly appear yesterday?

The ietf-msgtrk mailing list appears to be dormant; in the last three months
the only message to appear on that mailing list's archive are spam messages
(  There are fewer
than a dozen message in the mailing list archive in the past year, spam

What's going on?!?

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