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Re: Has IANA gone mad?

2004-07-17 18:54:05

RFC-ietf-msgtrk-trkstat-05.txt is IANA's shorthand for a document that is in the RFC Editor's queue, based on the internet-draft of the given name.

Yes, ietf-msgtrk-trkstat-05.txt is more than six months old. When documents go into the IESG queue, and then the RFC Editor's queue, the six month rule no longer applies.

This document is one of a suite of documents about message tracking that will all be published together as a series of RFCs.

Most of the work in the message tracking working group was finished well over a year ago. Unfortunately, there were a few comments that came back from the IESG that caused a couple of cycles on a couple of the documents in the message tracking suite. That held up the publication of all of the documents.

        Tony Hansen

Bruce Lilly wrote:

Sent to ietf-822 and ietf-msgtrk mailing lists, cc to iana(_at_)iana(_dot_)og, 
default to ietf-822

Yesterday, "message/tracking-status" appeared in the IANA registry for MIME
message media types (
It lists "RFC-ietf-msgtrk-trkstat-05.txt" as the reference document -- of
course there is no such document.  The closest existing document is a draft
dated March 2003, more than a year old ("Internet drafts are valid for six

Why on Earth did this suddenly appear yesterday?

The ietf-msgtrk mailing list appears to be dormant; in the last three months
the only message to appear on that mailing list's archive are spam messages
(  There are fewer
than a dozen message in the mailing list archive in the past year, spam

What's going on?!?

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