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Re: Experiment #3 with multiple Reference headers

2005-01-25 06:07:36

In <manual2(_at_)clerew(_dot_)man(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk> Frank Ellermann 
<nobody(_at_)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

If I'd really want to mix the ideas of See-Also (= literal
sense of references) and References, then I'd probably identify
one thread as _the_ thread, copy its References adding a msg-id
as explained in 2822, and then I'd add the Message-IDs of any
further "see also" references.  Maybe with a limit of at most
14 additional references, because that still allows 3+3 msg-ids
for _the_ thread.  OTOH that sounds like an idea for a time
travel to 1995, too little and too late today. ;-)  Bye, Frank

Yes, if having two References headers turns out not to be feasible, then
having one References header plus some number of secondary References
headers with some different name (I don't think I would want to use
See-Also for the purpose) would be another way out.

But all the reports so far (not a representtive sample, to be sure)
indicate that no harm arises from multiple References headers (i.e. they
progagate, and are interpreted as well as could be hoped for).

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