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Re: SPF I-D for review: draft-schlitt-spf-classic-00.txt

2005-03-04 02:00:23

Dave Crocker wrote:

i really love their marketing...

Are you talking about the elected SPF Council, and Wayne as one
of its five members, or the "SPF community" in general, which
consists of active posters on its mailing list like you and me ?

In both cases the marketing is not much better than say MIPAS'.
It doesn't pretend to be IETF when it's Clear-ly not.  Maybe
Jabber could be a proper model for both MIPAS and SPF.

We're not exactly on topic here, it's Sender-ID that tries to
do wild and wonderful things with (2)822, abusing SPF policies,
and in violation of all SPF and the last MARID spf2.0 drafts.

All we can do here is help Wayne to get the syntax for the
Received-SPF header field right.  Or let's help Martin to get
his Archived-At right.

At the moment (spf-classic-00) he allows apparently no [CFWS],
{FWS], or *WSP between "=" and ";" in a key-value-pair.  If
that's for some reason not okay I'd be interested to hear it.

Received-SPF: Pass ip = ; (not allowed ?)
.......................^.........^                   Bye, Frank