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Re: another test message with from:<> (not this message)

2005-03-17 22:29:03

Charles Lindsey wrote:

  [From: <>] 
It's been a couple of hours, and I haven't seen it on the
list yet.
Nor me. And none of the messages that I sent with From: <>
(or <-(_at_)[]>) has appeared either. So something somewhere is
eating them.
I find this surprising, but also worrying.

Why's that worrying ?  Maybe majordomo doesn't find any <> in
the list of subscribed users, and moves these mails to a junk
folder for moderation.  Just an idea.  IIRC I'm not subscribed,
and you only see my mail because GMaNe's Return-Path or Sender
passes whatever majordomo checks.

A strategy consistent with these observations would be "check
Sender if available, otherwise From".  That you don't get a
bounce is worrying, probably some spam filter before majordomo
has different ideas about valid mail than majordomo, and / or
majordomo tries to bounce to the 2822-From.  It's older than
RfC 3834, isn't it ?

One will have no From
The other will have From: <>

IMHO all you're testing is one majordomo, and that majordomo
doesn't accept empty subscribers.  I don't see your new tests.

                     Bye, Frank

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