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Re: Understanding response protocols

2005-05-28 17:55:34

(sorry for extremely late reply. I'm still catching up on this very long thread)

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Charles Lindsey wrote:

Which existing MUAs have the feature to set the Reply-To field
"_automatically_" according to the particular list(s) involved?

Pine does, via 'roles'. You would set up a role for each list setting role selector as to be 'Participant' == 'list mailbox', and then in the 'Actions' set 'Set-Reply-To' to list mailbox.

At the moment the most recent version of Pine (4.63) has a bug in that it does not allow one to specify multiple mailboxes in the 'Set-Reply-To', hence it doesn't work for me (I would want to set my address + list mailbox - if I wanted to use Reply-To in this way). Ironically, I could use this feature to correctly set MFT (Via 'Set-Custom-Hdr') which lets me enter whatever non-standard headers I want.

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