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Re: SMTP headers

2006-09-14 12:16:43

At 09:38 14-09-2006, PDeRochambeau(_at_)iht(_dot_)com wrote:
we currently use a RTE (Reliable Transport Engine) to send emails containing attachments. Although the attachments appear within the e-mails' bodies as icons, in "heavy" mail clients, such as Lotus Notes, Apple's Mail, etc., they don't show up in "light" mail clients such as Web mail clients (,, etc.) By comparing SMTP headers sent by our RTE and those sent by Mutt on Linux, I have noticed that the former

That should be MIME headers.

sends "attachment" headers which don't contain the attachments' contents :

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="test.txt"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Content-Type: Text/Plain

There shouldn't be a new line before the Content-Type line. There file content was not "attached" in this version.

Does anyone know how to force RTEs or MTAs such as sendmail to send "attachment" headers of the second kind?

This is not a MTA or sendmail problem. Sendmail doesn't send "attachment" headers. Your RTE may not be formatting the message correctly before sending it to the MTA. Refer to MIME for how the message body should be formatted.

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