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Re: MIME part header

2006-09-18 00:44:52

Bruce Lilly wrote:
For a plain text US-ASCII part you generally need no header
fields at all (for the default inline disposition).
There is no such thing as "default inline disposition".
A MIME-part has inline disposition if and only if it contains
a Content-Disposition MIME-part header field specifying
inline disposition.

I'd consider a MUA not displaying US-ASCII text/plain as plain
text as broken, YMMV.

| a sender who goes to the trouble of producing a
| Content-Disposition header with a new disposition type is
| more likely aiming for something more elaborate than inline
| presentation.

Yes, you'd need a Content-Disposition: attachment if you don't
want the normal behaviour for "no Content header field at all".
a MIME-part with no corresponding Content-Disposition
header field does not have semantics of "attachment",
regardless of what 'KANA Response' and some other MUAs may
label them.

+100 (factor 100 for "KANA", I recall that from the SWEN-times
before MyDoom)


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