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New 2822upd-04 - obs-NO-WS-CTL

2008-01-15 14:25:44

I'd be inclined for folks to go over this one with a fine toothed comb. (I know about some of the spacing issues; that's not what I mean. Review for content.)

For differences between -03 and -04, try this:


For an HTML copy, try this:

Things to note:

1. obs-qp, obs-body, and obs-unstruct each have NUL. obs-ctext, obs-qtext, and obs-dtext don't. Is that what's desired? (I'm happy to move NUL into all of them. I'm more worried about removing it from all of them.)

2. text moved into the body discussion, and specials moved into the atom discussion. Glad to move them elsewhere if you think necessary.

Any other comments welcome.

Pete Resnick <>
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